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Dream Collection

Every September, Studio Art Quilts Association holds its biggest (and funnest) fundraiser, an auction of 12 x 12 inch art pieces which have been donated by the members. To help promote the upcoming event, members can curate their own mini collection, a Dream Collection, of six pieces that are posted on the website. Here is my Dream Collection :

WATER - under, in, nearby, glimpse of, affected by, or not a drop of WATER

Siefkin Lawler Schwarzenberger GarnerS Snell MillerD  

I was having a difficult time selecting a theme because there were so many pieces I found fascinating. Finally, I just picked six that I loved and then looked to see if there were a unifying element that connected them and there was! Water. I'm so happy to be able to include my good friend Mary Schwarzenberger's piece in this collection. I just love her work and she's a super fun person.

I have a piece in the auction as well. Click here to see my Blue Lagoon. And if you want to see more, check out all the beautiful artwork available in the SAQA 2014 Benefit Auction. I will post more as the auction draws near.

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SAQA Conference

Last month I attended my first SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) conference, which was held in Old Town Alexandria, VA and marked SAQA's 25th anniversary. This year's SAQA conference focused on the business of being an artist with many lectures on how we can better present and promote our work, exploring the various goals and career paths available to artists and interviews with a number of working artists who shared where they are and how they arrived at their own various points on their artistic journeys. It was a very enlightening conference and it is what decided me to start a blog again, not only to share, but to record as well my work, process and my thoughts behind the work. I will also share what inspires me and delights me in the Art World.


But, the SAQA conference wasn't all business; there were a lot fun things going on, too. I met a lot of fellow artists, ate a lot of good food (too much!) and saw a lot of great artwork. One of the best evenings for me was the Anniversary dinner and SAQA's Spotlight auction. I wasn't planning on bidding, I just wanted to see the artwork, which were all small 6 x 8 inch pieces matted, and watch the excitement. And then I saw it.

Martha Wolfe Sea Birds

This beautiful piece by Martha Wolfe, called Sea Birds, is made with layers of silk organza, hand stitched and beaded. When I saw it, I literally gasped. The color shifts are so subtle and delicate. I love the watery transparency. And then, there's that orange beak, perfect. I had to have it. I had to win it. And so I did. It now proudly hangs in the entrance of my studio, welcoming me and visitors alike. Thank you, Martha! Please visit Martha's wonderful blog where she shows her process making this piece. See it here.


Now, back to my studio where I am working on a large piece I am creating for my entry for Quilt National. Fingers crossed.

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