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New Legacies Contemporary Art Quilts

Today, I shipped off three pieces to Fort Collins, Colorado for the New Legacies Contemporary Art Quilts exhibition at the Lincoln Center. I must say I was thrilled when I got the acceptance notice that all three pieces I submitted were accepted. Well, more like stunned. Now I’m thrilled. When I got home after shipping my artwork, I found the flyer for the opening reception in my inbox. My eyeballs almost popped out of my head. My Tracking Passion is the featured artwork on the flyer! And here it is….

New Legacies

Cool beans. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the opening but if you are in the area and you make it, tell me all about! It should be a fabulous exhibit.

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SAQA Conference

Last month I attended my first SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) conference, which was held in Old Town Alexandria, VA and marked SAQA’s 25th anniversary. This year’s SAQA conference focused on the business of being an artist with many lectures on how we can better present and promote our work, exploring the various goals and career paths available to artists and interviews with a number of working artists who shared where they are and how they arrived at their own various points on their artistic journeys. It was a very enlightening conference and it is what decided me to start a blog again, not only to share, but to record as well my work, process and my thoughts behind the work. I will also share what inspires me and delights me in the Art World.


But, the SAQA conference wasn’t all business; there were a lot fun things going on, too. I met a lot of fellow artists, ate a lot of good food (too much!) and saw a lot of great artwork. One of the best evenings for me was the Anniversary dinner and SAQA’s Spotlight auction. I wasn’t planning on bidding, I just wanted to see the artwork, which were all small 6 x 8 inch pieces matted, and watch the excitement. And then I saw it.

Martha Wolfe Sea Birds

This beautiful piece by Martha Wolfe, called Sea Birds, is made with layers of silk organza, hand stitched and beaded. When I saw it, I literally gasped. The color shifts are so subtle and delicate. I love the watery transparency. And then, there’s that orange beak, perfect. I had to have it. I had to win it. And so I did. It now proudly hangs in the entrance of my studio, welcoming me and visitors alike. Thank you, Martha! Please visit Martha’s wonderful blog where she shows her process making this piece. See it here.


Now, back to my studio where I am working on a large piece I am creating for my entry for Quilt National. Fingers crossed.


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Re-Doin’ the Blog Thing

A few weeks ago, I started this blog, as I have started a blog several times in the past without success. I just haven’t been able to stick with it and post regularly. Unfortunately, it’s been soooo long since I last had one, I totally forgot basic blogging 101. I’m fiddling around with it trying to figure it all out again. So, I am re-posting my first post from May 24, 2014 just in case I lose it.

May 24, 2014

Doin’ the Blog Thing


It’s Memorial Day weekend of 2014 and I think it’s time I started a blog. Lately, I’ve had so much news to share about my work and this seems the best way to share it. I’d like to use this page as a way of documenting my creative process as well as sharing with anyone interested in that process, my thoughts as I work and news of where my work can be seen. Comments, questions, feedback and pats on the back are always welcome!

2014 was off to rocky start. Debilitating back pain, a stay in the hospital and an introduction to pain meds I don’t want to repeat put the kibosh on anything creative. Not to mention the winter that wouldn’t end. But Spring is here at last and I’m not letting three herniated disks stop me. My first job was to relocate my studio into a larger and sunnier room in the house where I can move around without tripping over the dog and he’s a BIG dog.

My first completed piece of artwork is a small piece I do every year for the benefit auction for SAQA or Studio Art Quilts Associates.  It’s a terrific organization that promotes and exhibits the work of artists like me who create artwork with textiles in the construct of a quilt. It is this organization that has given me the opportunity to exhibit my work nationally and internationally. So, with gratitude, I donate Blue Lagoon. Last year I donated Tequila Sunrise. You’ll notice I have a little Happy Hour theme going here. So, if you have a favorite cocktail you’d like to see transformed into art, give me a shout.

 ~  Elena Stokes

Blue Lagoon



At the same time, I decided to change the name of my facebook page from Focus on Fiber Art, the name of a gallery I used to own, to simply Elena Stokes . Artist. You’re welcome to follow me there as well.

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