Things That Matter

Update - The catalog for Things that Matter is now available on Amazon! The artwork is beautiful and arresting, the artist statements are thoughtful and provocative. A great read full…


The Art of Layering

I took another pass at my Pears painting in class last Friday by adding more layers to the under-painting. Working with acrylics is such a different experience than working with textiles. Acrylics dry…

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The Art of Layering
Pears, day 2

Quilt National ’15

The party's over. My first Quilt National has come and gone and I'm exhausted - still. But, now I can share with you Infinity, the first in my series of abstracted horizons…

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Infinity and Beyond

This winter has been short on daylight and long on snow and ice. It can't end soon enough for me but it has been a productive time. First, here is…

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