Art Quilt Elements 2018 Opens! Part I…

Art Quilt Elements 2018 Opens! Part I…

This was my first time being juried into Art Quilt Elements at the Wayne Art Center and I am truly honored to be among this group of artists, some of whom are on my must watch list. My photos do not do justice to the artwork due to my very old Iphone. I apologize in advance for any poorly framed and blurry photos or photos with inaccurate color.

I’ll start with some overview pictures to whet your appetite and give you a sense of the spaces. There are two main galleries at the Wayne Art Center, for those who’ve yet to visit, the Davenport Gallery and, down the hallway, the Ethel Sargeant Clark Smith Gallery. The first time I attended an AQE opening reception in 2012, I didn’t know about the second gallery until the end and almost missed half the show. So beware!

The Davenport Gallery






On the left, Sandra Palmer Ciolino’s Precaria #8, Crucible won the Leslie Patterson Award for Best Use of Color. Scroll up to see the full piece. Center is Elizabeth Brandt’s Slipstream beside Astrid Bennet’s Fields and Fences 2.


Catherine W. Smith’s Transfusion #3, Dan Olfe’s National Gallery of Art in the center and, Lenore Crawford’s Pinecones, winner of the Heartstring Quilters Award.


Susan Lenz’s Large Stained Glass LXXXI, Heather Pregger’s Banded Iron Formation #1 and Aryanna Londir’s Red Flags.


 Diana Savona’s innovative work Structurally Unsound hanging next to Karen Schulz’s Juxtaposition 1: Crossing Lines, winner of the Juror’s Award of Merit.


 Erika Carter’s Backyard II and Andrew Steinbrecher’s Crossroads #5: This Could Be the Way.


Hope Wilmarth’s Constructions III beside my own River Daze. 


Margaret Black’s Curb Appeal V took the Carolyn Lee Thrasher Vehslage Award. Karen Brown’s Seeking a Common Ground graces the cover of the AQE 2018 catalog.


Above is Ruth Marchese’s Death and Destruction Amid a River of Blood, a lovely example of Korean bojagi.


I love the work of Marianne Williamson. This is one of my favorites, Perpetual Motion. 


And finally, just for sheer delight, I finish Part I with Betty Busby’s stunning Wing, my favorite piece in the show. I love the way it moved and fluttered as people walked by.

 Up next in Part II, I’ll bring you the work hanging in the Ethel Sargeant Clark Smith Gallery where Best in Show hangs. Stay tuned!


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  1. I love Betty Busby’s piece, and would love to see it in person. I also really like Ruth Marchese’s piece, although it looks like a cityscape to me, perhaps a backdrop for West Side Story. Actually, I wish I could look closer at a number of these works. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, Karen, you’re just going to have to drive up and see the show! Maybe Kim will drive down for a reunion.

  3. Fantastic job Elena of sharing the show. Thanks. And you did it all with heels on!

    I want to go back and take time with each work.

  4. These boots were made for walkin’…

  5. love the inventiveness of Betty’s work. thanks for the tour!

  6. Beautiful exhibition…
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. thank you for the “tour”! i won’t be able to make it in person… i love seeing everyone’s work.

  8. Thanks Elena, really appreciate the overview.

  9. Elena, the show was amazing!
    It was the highlight of my weekend.
    I walked in and said ‘I found my people!’
    Thank you for sharing pictures because as hard as I tried I could not keep them all in my brain.
    So much talent in those 2 rooms.
    What a great place to show your work!

  10. I know, right? I’ve had that ‘found my peeps’ moment myself! Thanks, Andrea.

  11. Thank you for posting! After checking the Wayne Arts Center website a week ahead and planning a trip to see the show, we arrived on Good Friday to find it was closed for Easter weekend (which they posted AFTER my planning). 🙁 Our trip from northern NJ was not a total loss, as we visited the Mercer Museum to see Cuesta Benberry’s exhibit.

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