Dream Collection

Dream Collection

Every September, Studio Art Quilts Association holds its biggest (and funnest) fundraiser, an auction of 12 x 12 inch art pieces which have been donated by the members. To help promote the upcoming event, members can curate their own mini collection, a Dream Collection, of six pieces that are posted on the SAQA.com website. Here is my Dream Collection :

WATER – under, in, nearby, glimpse of, affected by, or not a drop of WATER

Siefkin Lawler Schwarzenberger GarnerS Snell MillerD


I was having a difficult time selecting a theme because there were so many pieces I found fascinating. Finally, I just picked six that I loved and then looked to see if there were a unifying element that connected them and there was! Water. I’m so happy to be able to include my good friend Mary Schwarzenberger’s piece in this collection. I just love her work and she’s a super fun person.

I have a piece in the auction as well. Click here to see my Blue Lagoon. And if you want to see more, check out all the beautiful artwork available in the SAQA 2014 Benefit Auction. I will post more as the auction draws near.

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