Art Quilt Elements 2018 Opens! Part II

Art Quilt Elements 2018 Opens! Part II

Continuing down the long hallway past the array of tempting edibles and potables, we found the second gallery space of the Wayne Art Center filled with a dazzling display of visual delight.

The Ethel Sargeant Clark Smith Gallery 






Left to right, Simple Joys by Kay Campbell, Recollections by Viviana Lombrozo and Lost and Found: Green Panel by Kay Healy.


Patty Kennedy-Zafred’s Steel Town: First Shift and Teresa Barkley’s The Life Cycle of the Little Black Dress.


Rosemary Hoffenberg’s Cafe hangs beside Pat Kroth’s Fiber Optics.


Marti Plager’s Conversation and Bonnie J. Smith’s Alviso.


Gerri Spilka’s Moving Through received the Wayne Art Center Award.


Jill Kerttula’s Urban Voyeur – Tracks with two detail shots below.

I love the combination of techniques Jill uses to build her imagery.



Liz Axford’s Counterpoint 6, a wonderful example of resist dyeing.


Kathleen Probst’s signature minimalist style in Corner.


More minimalism here with Sherri Lipman McCauley’s Branches Orange, one of my favorites in the show.


Hand stitching takes center focus in Marianne Burr’s Desert Pools, winner of the The Greater Than the Sum Of Its Parts Award. Detail below.


Best of Show Award goes to Niraja Lorenz for her amazing Strange Attractor #20. She only works with solids, every stripe, triangle and square is a separate piece of fabric, as you can see in the details below. Masterful!




And, to finish up the tour, winner of the Innovation in Medium Award, another of my very favorites by an artist I’ve admire for many years, The Crossing Times 13 by Chiaki Dosho, made with old Japanese kimono fabrics. I am always struck by juxtaposition of the power and the delicacy of her work, both simple and complex. I can get lost in these details…


I hope you enjoy my posts about exhibitions and contemporary quilt art and hope that they inspire you to go see them, to own them and/or to create more of them!

To see a more complete view of all the artwork (with better photos, too!), please visit

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  1. Elena, another infirmative post. Many thanks. When did you snap all these photos?

  2. Thanks, Meredith. I skoodled over to WAC early so I could spend some time with the exhibit before the reception started. So glad I did!

  3. Great photos
    It was so much fun spending time with you
    See you in Houston

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